FAQs - Natural Ingredients

What is the key ingredient in Lishe Butter?
Dry yellow peas.

What are the benefits of incorporating peas in my diet?
Pulses are high in protein, fibre, carbohydrates, among other goodies!

Is Happea Butter free of peanuts, treenuts, eggs, dairy, sulphites, soy, mustard or sesame?
Lishe PeaButter does not contain these ingredients. Canadian yellow/golden peas are the main ingredient in Happea Butter. Please note that Lishe Butter is manufactured in a facility that processes peanuts and tree nuts. We advice consumers to read the food label carefully for specific allergen warnings.

​Is Lishe PeaButter appropriate for vegan or vegetarian plant-based diets?
Absolutely! Lishe PeaButter is ideal for all plant-based diets - vegan and vegetarian, mediterranean, or other.

​​Do Lishe products need refrigeration?
No, we deliver products that are accessible and ready-to-eat. Lishe PeaButter does not need refrigeration after opening - simply store the jar in a cupboard/shelf. Keep the lid closed and store in a cool dry place.