FAQs - Environmental Impact

Just as pulses are full of nutrients that are good for humans, they are also good for the soil.

Why are pulses good for us or the environment?

Peas belong to the pulse family and they are loaded with lots of nutrients that are good for YOU! Beyond their nutritional value:

  • Peas are a low carbon footprint food. Greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture, in large part, come from nitrogen fertilizers.

  • Peas (pulses) convert the nitrogen in the air into a fertilizer. Pea farming requires little or no nitrogen fertilizer to grow.

  • Peas are a water-efficient source of protein. Peas use only ½ to ⅓ the amount of water that it takes to produce other sources of protein. 

  • Peas are adaptable to climate changes. The diversity of pulses (peas) are grown globally  in cold or hot regions and in almost any weather around the world: wet or dry.