About Us

Lishe's products emerged from our daily efforts to eat healthier and to feed our family everyday with more plant-based ingredients. As busy working parents, we've always been challenged to find versatile products that are kid-/school-friendly; and are quick-and-easy recipe boosters. Along the way we created Happea butters (read happy), ready-to-use at snack times and meal times.

At Lishe, we are committed to inclusive nutrition. All our Happea butters are no-nut, all natural spreads, made from dry toasted Canadian yellow peas.  Our products are gluten-free, soy-free, diary-free, egg-free, and vegan friendly. Happea Butters are ideal as a spread, on sandwiches, in sauces, baking, and smoothies or as a snack dip.

Each jar that we sell also makes a big difference! With each purchase of a jar of Lishe's Happea Butter, we will donate a sachet for nutritional programs targeting those dealing with food emergencies. We invite you to partner with us to support vulnerable populations in food insecure contexts. Learn more about the Lishe nutritional initiatives to combat food insecurity.

We are pleased to share our line of Happea butters with the you and the world as we strive to spread happea everyday, to everyone, everywhere!

What is our secret sauce?

All natural yellow PEAS!  We love to sneak in peas in our everyday recipes from snack time to meal time. Peas (part of the pulse family) are an affordable and versatile food.

Why are we pea-enthusiasts?

Peas are a culturally- and sustainable food enjoyed by many cultures across the globe. This means that peas offers great nutrients that are good for the body and a low carbon footprint food, that's good for the soil!

What sets us apart from the rest?

We take pride in our R&D innovation coupled with a deep passion, and a resolve to work tirelessly to boost everyday nutrition and to address nutritional challenges.

Backed by extensive research from our in-house Food Scientist and Co-founder, our  core team is made up of experts with years of technical experience in the food industry, working with major global food brands. 

We have put our very best and poured lots of love in every scoop, enjoy!

Welcome to our pea-loving family and let's spread hap-pea-ness everyday!