Welcome to Happea Chats

Welcome to our first blog posting! 

We are delighted to unveil our Happea blog site #happeablog

Here's what has been simmering in our kitchen.... Since January, when we launched Happea Butter out in the market - we are delighted to announce that it's available in stores and here online - and it's ready for your taste buds (yummy!).

Lishe's Happea Butter comes in both smooth or crunchy textures and soon we will have chocolate flavour. Whatever your taste, we've got you covered! 

Happea Butter is a product that's both delicious and nutritious, and versatile for everyday use in your own snacks, dishes or that mid-night craving for something delicious. 

We will be distributing via specialty foods and grocery store retailers. You may also buy via our online store. Check out this Happea video for more info on our products made with simple, all natural ingredients.

Ready to try it out? We'll be having tasting events - dates and locations will be updated here and via our social media channels on Instagram and on Facebook. Be sure to connect with us as we'll be posting great offers!

We would love to hear from you - so please share your feedback with us. We are excited to welcome YOU to our Happea family!